Welcome Art Enthusiasts!

In an age of mass production where all realms of media is available to us in every way, shape, and form, an individual in the market for original custom art is a rare breed.  As an art lover, you have an appreciation for aesthetic, thoughtful design and you can have an opportunity to have input into the inspiration for a masterpiece of your own!

As an artist, Karen Kersten enjoys an interactive and creative design process when consulting with clients on personal art for their homes and businesses.  Think of designing and decorating your home.  You select the fabrics, colors, textures and lines that frame your living and working spaces; why shouldn't you influence your art in the same ways?  Throughout Karen's art career she has developed a consultative process to interpret your visions, style and feelings into art that represents your personality and compliments your home or office.  

Browse through Karen's still  life collections for ideas on bringing personal memorabilia into a composition or ideas to enhance the decor or theme of a room.  Explore her landscapes painted on location from Italian vineyards to the rugged pioneer trails of the western mountains of Montana. View the commissioned portraits of children, loved ones, and favorite pets.  Imagine the adventure and style her equine art can bring to a room with a preppy and polished scene like Polo Ponies; perfect for a library or office done in rich hues and textures.  

Still Life ~ Landscape ~ Equine ~ Portrait

PURCHASE & RENTAL options available.